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Livelihoods affected, income truncated as catches turn plastics in Ghana

Ghanaian fishers would soon be forced to find an alternative or additional livelihood sources to sustain their families as a result of mounting plastic pollution along the shores of the country.

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Unsung & undervalued: How a plastic waste collector in Ghana risks his life to defend our ecosystem

In a period where many cities and towns around the world are drowning in plastic waste, certain unsung men and women have emerged to not only rid our water bodies of plastic waste but also, to help prevent an irreparable damage to marine life, our ecosystem and future generations. These unsung individuals are ‘Plastic Waste Collectors.’

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Catching Plastics: How fishers in Ghana are battling ocean pollution for survival

The Ocean is considered to be the Earth’s life support with over half of the world’s oxygen being produced by it. Undoubtedly, there is indeed heavy reliance on the world’s ocean. Amongst other things, it helps regulate the climate, and absorb carbon dioxide from the earth.

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SOA Ghana unveils a digital campaign as part of its Marine Pollution and Sustainable Fishing Initiative

Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) Ghana has unveiled its digital campaign as part of the marine pollution and sustainable fishing initiative. The digital campaign which involves use of short videos and infographics is ultimately aimed at educating over a million people online on the challenges of marine pollution and the dangers to the ocean ecosystem and the society.

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Sustainable Ocean Alliance Ghana to launch maiden project focused on marine pollution

Sustainable Ocean Alliance Ghana (SOA Ghana) is set to launch its maiden project focused on using data and storytelling tools to put a spotlight on the challenge of marine pollution and its danger to society.